About us

ARA BARD GHARB CO. has been established in 1386(2007) with buying machinery along with modern technology ,resin lines and CNC from Italy in a plot of land with an area of forty thousand square meters in khorramabad ,the center of lorestan province as the biggest stone producer and stone artifacts and so on ,with the intention of imployment and processing various kind of export constructional stones.(marble ,travertine ,granite and so on)with the annual producing capacity about 550 thousand square meters in the shape of(tile-slab and so on).since the managers of the company have been active in commercial and producing field for continuous years and in other words with the attention of enough experience in this direction ,this company has palced the title of this complex on superior production and the best quality of constructional stones and appropriate services (admirable)for export and as well to domestic usage ,this complex has used modern machinery along with specialized and skillfull forces to achieve to aforenentioned goals and right now the products of this unit are produced and supplied according to up-to-date global standard.

Ara Barad Gharb Co.
Karami – Managing Director